Zoƫ joins Desolace Divine!


After searching for quite a bit of time and several auditions we are glad to introduce you to our brand-new singer Zoë Tilly!

Zoë (22) used to sing in the Dutch metalband My Inner Peace and also had a few side projects. She immediately impressed us with both her voice and attitude during the audition.

For now we will try to get ourselves gig-ready as fast as we can and we also hope to get a recording done soon. Keep an eye on our website or Facebook page to stay informed!


Auditions started


During the last couple of weeks plenty of people applied to be the new voice of Desolace Divine. We are very exited with the amount of reactions that we received during our last Facebook campaign and are now very busy with the first auditions.

In case you might also be interested to become our new leadsinger, it's still possible to sign up! Please send an email or leave a message on our Facebook page for further instructions.

Looking for a new singer!


After our new singer David spent a few rehearsals with us, we came to the conclusion our music interests were too different, which led to some creative disagreements.

Therefore, David decided to leave the band, which brings us back to the search of a new vocalist.

If you are, or know the vocalist we’re looking for, please contact us!